3 devices you need for faster muscle recovery time

by Brett Decker

We all live busy lives. We can’t afford the 3 days it takes to recuperate following a difficult workout. I know I can’t.

Whether you’re a fitness guru or just taking the first steps on your fitness journey, chances are you need a way to relieve muscle soreness and speed up recovery time. 

Did you know that one way to reduce muscle soreness is by massaging the muscles within two hours after you finish your workout?

And no, you don’t need to hire a physical therapist, or a masseuse, or some weirdo with a van... Dartwood has come up with three devices that will have you feeling better than ever in no time!

Dartwood Deep Tissue Massage Gun

The Dartwood Deep Tissue Massage Gun is the post-workout treat your muscles need.

At just 2.5 lb, this portable handheld massager has 30 adjustable speeds and 3 intensity levels for an effective trigger point therapy and muscle release.

It also has 6 interchangeable massage heads to target every muscle group.

Arms, neck, back, shoulders, legs, glutes, you name it – this massager can hit them all.

And with a digital screen display, you can easily adjust the speed to your liking.

The Deep Tissue Massage Gun comes with a travel case that fits all its components for easy transport.

And if it’s not compact enough, you can opt for its Mini version, which has everything its bigger brother has, but with just 4 massage heads.

Dartwood Neck and Back Massager

Want a wearable massager that can relieve stress instantly?

The Dartwood Neck and Back Massager is designed to be worn around your neck, but can be used on your back, legs, arms, or abdomen too.

It also has a heat therapy function to promote blood circulation for the ultimate muscle tension release.

Dartwood Foot Massager

Rest your weary feet and treat them to a deep massage with the Dartwood Foot Massager.

It’s programmed with a variety of functions, including roller kneading, push kneading acupressure, air pressure, heating technique, and even scratching.

It also has 3 intensity levels to choose from depending on your preference.

This foot massager is designed with a set of controls that are easy to use, so you can just relax, insert your feet, and let the device do all the work.

And yes, the cloth cover is removable and washable, so you can always keep it clean.


Final thoughts

Give your muscles some love and reward them with some deep tissue massage.

Trust me, your body’s going to thank you for it!

Grab your Dartwood devices now and give yourself a post-workout routine you’ll look forward to!

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