Android Central: Wasserstein Accessories For Google Nest Cam (Battery) Review – The Best Smart Home Made Even Better

by Yann Tran
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Wasserstein accessories make the best smart camera system even better

Wasserstein for Google Nest Cam (Battery)
From $29.99
  • Relatively easy installation - most accessories are plug-and-play
  • Matches aesthetically with Google Nest Cam (Battery) styling
  • Great build quality
  • No setup required after installation
  • Faster battery charging than with Nest-included charger, 2 cams at once
  • Floodlight will require hard-wiring

It’s already well established that Google’s Nest Cam (Battery) is a significant leap forward over the previous generation. At the very least, for the search giant’s smart home product line. But, as it turns out, Wasserstein’s latest accessories can make the experience even better. If you have the right accessories for the job. And, as this review shows, the slew of accessories shipped out by Wasserstein for Google Nest Cam (Battery) fit that bill perfectly.

Now, it’s fair to say that Wasserstein itself is fairly well established. It’s been making smart home accessories almost since the start. So this isn’t a name anybody performing research to improve their smart home won’t have stumbled on. And, in total, it shipped out three accessories — along with the Google Nest Cam (Battery) — for this review.

Aside from a Wasserstein PoE Adapter and Floodlight, the company also shipped out its Charging Station. And each is certainly worth a look on its own merit. Although you could argue that buying devices to power an unwired camera defeats the purpose. Which the former two of the gadgets do.

So let’s take a closer look at how Wasserstein’s accessories bundle held up under review. And whether the value-added defeats the purpose or is worth the cost to buy.

Wasserstein Hardware for Nest Cam (Battery) accessories bundle

You can’t necessarily use all of the Wasserstein for Google Nest Cam (Battery) accessories at once but there are a lot of options for those who need them

In terms of hardware, Wasserstein manufactured each of the Nest accessories it shipped for review from plastics. Or, at the very least, primarily from plastics. But that doesn’t mean the quality here is low.

As noted above, Wasserstein shipped out three of its Google Nest Cam (Battery)-associated accessories for this review. And none of them showed any signs of being poorly constructed.

For instance, Wasserstein constructed the floodlight with adjustable arms. Those can be positioned so that the lights face in just about any direction. Despite a fair amount of jostling and movement, those arms kept the light exactly where I wanted it. And that fact held even in the advisory-triggering strong winds that are often experienced in my region. In fact, they barely shuddered at all, even when hit by gusts.

Similarly, the plug on the PoE adapter didn’t show any unwanted wiggle with jostling or any signs of disconnecting. And the charging station seated the Nest camera that Wasserstein shipped alongside the accessories firmly without any unwanted wiggle either.

Wasserstein built its accessories for Google Nest Cam (Battery) to almost perfectly suit the aesthetics of the camera. And it engineered them well in terms of build quality too. They should last at least as long as the cameras themselves, adding features without too much extra expense.

Source: Android Headlines