Weatherproof Integrated Charger for Ring Spotlight Cam Battery - Extra Long and Thin 21ft Cable

by Wasserstein

✔ NO MORE BATTERY CHANGES - We love our Ring Spotlight Cam Battery and Ring Stick Up Cam Battery HD but we don't love having to go outside to change the battery all the time. That’s why we have developed a unique, wired adapter. Now you can operate your security camera continuously and never have to change the batteries again.

✔ THOUGHTFUL DESIGN - Our carefully crafted design has an inbuilt screw-on tab to keep the wire in place. It is designed for easy installation as all you need to do is connect the cable to the charging port at the back of the camera and add the screws to reinforce the connection. This makes the cable completely weatherproof and keeps your camera protected from harsh elements.

✔ LONG & THIN CABLE - Our cable is extra-long (21ft!). This allows you to easily plug it into an electrical outlet inside or outside your house, even if the camera is a little further away. Our cable is extra thin so that you can run it through a window and still close it completely.

✔ WASSERSTEIN 3 MONTHS WARRANTY - If any of our products fail to meet your expectations, please get in touch with us and we will try to resolve the issue. If we can't resolve the problem to your satisfaction, you will get a full refund or replacement - no questions asked.


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