Vinyl Gloves - Powder Free Protective Flexible Durable (Clear, 100 Pcs/50 Pairs)

by Wasserstein
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✔ THOUGHTFUL DESIGN - Our vinyl gloves are designed to be ultimately safe for anyone to use. Free of powder to ensure no allergic reactions or harmful residue left on your hands after use.

✔ HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL - Made of the premium polyvinyl chloride material, it ensures high elasticity. It is more durable than latex gloves and offers more resistance to punctures and chemicals.

✔ USER-FRIENDLY - Disposable vinyl gloves are clean and sanitary, great for medical use, food prep, gardening, cleaning, laboratory, and many more.

✔ MAXIMUM HAND PROTECTION - These medical gloves provide you with ultimate protection to keep your hands and skin safe from all forms of threat and contamination.

✔ HIGHLY FLEXIBLE - Vinyl gloves are naturally form-fitting. Easily conform to the actual shape of your hand that increases comfort and flexibility at work.

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