Roofus Imperial - Multipurpose Revolutionary Carpenter Square Layout Tool - 14" for Roof & DIY Carpenters - Quality Accurate Angle Measure


✔ THOUGHTFUL DESIGN - Roofus is a compact, easy-to-use layout tool with the combined functionality of a bevel, combination square, protractor, digital level and speed square.

✔ INNOVATIVE DESIGN - Mark accurate plumb cuts, birds mouth depth marks and seat cuts without adjusting the tool or changing the tool's configuration.

✔ EXCLUSIVE FEATURES - Calibrated for hip and valley rafters, the Roofus features one hip-valley scale with degrees and another with the imperial rise and run scale.

✔ STANDARD VER. MATERIALS - Precision moulded from fiberglass-packed resin, the Roofus Standard is built to last.

✔ PRO VER. MATERIALS - Machined from solid aluminum, it has an anodized protective finish, laser-etched artwork, engraved angle scales, and high-quality stainless steel and brass hardware.

STANDARD VER. WEIGHT - Weighing just 9 ounces, the Roofus Standard is a good fit for the tool pouch. Its jet black angle scales allows for good visibility in all working conditions — read it through wet sunglasses.

PRO VER. WEIGHT - Great for the cabinet maker, kitchen installer, boiler maker and roofer. Weighing only 12 ounces, the Roofus Pro can be kept on the cutting bench or on the tool belt.