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Levitating Light Bulb by Wasserstein

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A MINI ART INSTALLATION FOR YOUR HOME - Combining the magic of electric light and electromagnetic levitation in a unique way, the Wasserstein Levitating Light Bulb will 'illuminate' your home like no other light ever could

FORM & FUNCTION - The light bulb contains seven bright LED lights and levitates above the wood base thanks to an electromagnet. There are no batteries or cables powering the light bulb - instead the LED lights are powered through a process called induction that transmits electricity through the air between the bulb and a coil that is also located inside the wood base

INNOVATIVE DESIGN & QUALITY WORKMANSHIP - The light bulb levitates 0.6 inches above the wood base which is hand crafted out of real ash wood. The light can be turned on and off with a gentle tap on the power symbol on the lower right hand side of the wood base

MAGICAL & FUNCTIONAL - The levitating light bulb is the perfect lighting accessory for your home. It illuminates a soothing light and when you spin it gently the light paints a whimsical picture of light and shadows onto your wall



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