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Google Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera - Continuous vigilance for the protection of your family.

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✔ CONTINUOUS VIDEO RECORDING - With the Nest Cam Indoor, all actions are recorded 24/7, so you will not miss a thing. It captures 1080p HD video, and the Nest app notifies you if any motion or sound is detected

✔ AUDIO QUALITY - The Nest Cam Indoor has a mic that picks up sounds clearly from up to 20ft away. Built-in microphone lets you hear everything clearly and hear the baby or talk back to get someone's attention.

 ✔ INDOOR CONVENIENCE - Mounting this camera is super simple. You can place it anywhere, like on a desk, table, or mount it to a wall using the mounting plate. It can swivel forward and backward with 180 degrees, and can fully rotate in the stand. 

✔ COMPATIBILITY WITH OTHER SMART HOME DEVICES - It is compatible with a large array of smart-home devices through the “Works with Nest” program. Nest can be operated with Google Assistant and together with smart home devices.  

✔ ACTIVITY ZONE - This feature of the camera allows you to highlight particularly important spaces in your home, such as a door, crib, or window. A great way to get more meaningful alerts for security.