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Dartwood Indoor Grow Light - Adjustable LED Gooseneck Lights for Plants with Red and Blue Full Spectrum

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PERFECT FOR INDOOR PLANTS - The Dartwood Grow Light helps cultivate indoor plants in any climate, any time of the year. It’s a perfect substitute for natural sunlight that indoor gardens need.

TIMER AND BRIGHTNESS CONTROL - To support plant growth, it has 9 dimmable and 3 spectrum modes and allows you to set a timer between 3H, 6H, and 9H via its remote control.

LED LIGHTS - It consists of red and blue LED lights that promote photosynthesis, germination, bloom and fruit-bearing.

LONG-LASTING - The Dartwood Grow Light is made out of high-grade materials for durable and long-lasting use.

EASY INSTALLATION - Simply, clamp the grow light onto a table and turn the lights in the directions above the plants. Attach the connected charging cable to a power supply, and it’s all set.