Battery Base for Echo 2, Gorgeous Linen-covered Portable Power Bank with 10,000mAh Capacity for up 8 hours of continuous playtime for Echo 2nd Generation

by Wasserstein

✔ FREEDOM OF PLACEMENT - Set Alexa free!  You are no longer restricted by power cables or power sockets. Our new battery base for Echo 2 gives you the freedom to take Alexa wherever you want. The compact and well-fitting design makes it possible and convenient to use the Echo 2 anywhere in your home or garden. Take Alexa with you on the road, bring it with you anywhere with WIFI coverage.

✔ HIGH BATTERY CAPACITY – 10,000mAh battery capacity. Allows for 6-8 hours of wireless usage (actual time will depend on volume intensity and working status), and standby time of is approximately 12-15 hours. Equipped with fast charging chipset, fully charge your Echo 2 battery in just 3-4 hours. You can recharge the device using the Echo 2 power adapter. Intelligent battery management allows the power adapter to be plugged in for an extended period without damaging to the battery.

✔ ACCESSORIZE AND PROTECT - In addition to providing your Echo 2 with ultimate power and freedom, this charger also protect and accessorize Alexa. We’ve covered our battery station in a durable and gorgeous linen fabric that exudes elegant simplicity. The vibrant colors available will ensure that your Echo 2 blends in seamlessly with the interior of your home. The hard casing protects against any bumps, scratches or dirt and the non-slip base protects it from easily being knocked over.

✔ EASY TO USE - The battery station is easy to set up and use. Connect the specially designed DC connector with the Echo 2 and slide it into the battery station The speaker grill on the site of the battery base ensures perfect sound. Built-in LED lights indicate the precise battery level of the battery base. Audiophile users can connect the Echo 2 with other speakers, thanks to the open AUX port.

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