Sleep Headphones Comfortable & Cozy Music Eye Mask/ Headband/ Headphones, Made of Cool Lycra, Designed for Relaxation, Sleeping, Sports and Travel, Available in 3 Sizes for Perfect Fit

by Wasserstein

✔ MAXIMUM COMFORT – Made of cool Lycra, the headband is super soft, ultra-thin and lightweight. Designed for maximum comfort and diverse functionality, this headphone is the perfect companion for leisure, travel, and relaxation. Equipped with detachable padded speakers and a durable 44" duo color braided cable which functions well in preventing kinks and tangles.
✔ FOR SPORT – Perfect for yoga, running and general working out, this music headphone can double up as a sports headband, helping to keep your hair and sweat out of your face. Made from Lycra, the fabric has a soft hand feel and is naturally quick drying. The padded speaker can be removed so that the band can be washed.
✔ TRAVEL – Mask out unwanted noise during long flight or travel. Escape to your bubble and enjoy a stress-free, uninterrupted journey. The soft cushion speakers are made for long durational use and comfort, an experience that cannot be achieved using regular headphones.
✔ RELAXATION – Relish in a great night sleep - relax your pace, slow your racing mind and drift off to the land of dreams. Use the band as an eye mask and fall asleep in complete darkness to gentle music and relaxing sounds. The ultra-thin speakers are soft and non-intrusive, perfect even for side sleepers.

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