Power Supply Adapter for the Ring Video Doorbell, Ring Video Doorbell 2 and Ring Video Doorbell Pro

by Wasserstein

✔ FORM & FUNCTION – Forgo the hassle of charging your battery by directly connecting you Ring Video Doorbell to the power adapter. Simply run the 1.50m wires along the wall from your outlet to the doorbell. With an AC output of 18V/500mA, our Power Supply Adapter is compatible with the Ring Video Doorbell, Ring Video Doorbell 2 and Ring Video Doorbell Pro. Designed for easy installation and can be set up in minutes.

✔ RING VIDEO DOORBELL – Now you can operate your Ring Video Doorbell continuously without the need to remove your doorbell in order to charge the battery. This allows for uninterrupted operation and on-demand viewing. Never again will you have to settle for lower quality display or function simply to reduce battery expenditure.

✔ RING VIDEO DOORBELL 2 – In this latest model, our Power Supply Adapter can help extend the working time of the battery and reduce the rate of power loss, therefore prolonging the period between charge. This is particularly beneficial in areas with heavy foot traffic where it can lead to intensive drainage to the battery. A quick fix to this problem would be to decrease your motion sensitivity, however, with the aid of our Power Adapter, you will never have to make this compromise.

✔ RING VIDEO DOORBELL PRO – Wish to place your Ring Video Doorbell Pro in a location without pre-existing wires? Not a problem! Simply connect the two copper wire tips to the screws on the bracket of the doorbell and you are ready to go. With this Power Supply Adapter, we have eliminated the need to fiddle around with complex wiring and connection.

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