Versatile Quadpod Mount Plus Silicone Skin for the Nest Cam Outdoor. Attach Your Nest Cam Wherever You Like Without Tools or Wall Damage

by Wasserstein

✔ VERSATILE MOUNT FOR NEST CAMS – Our innovative Quadpod Mount is the most adaptable mounting option for your Nest Security Camera System. Featuring a detachable male screw piece allowing you to attach the camera either on arm of the mount or the center back. The base of the Silicone Skin contains a female thread for easy and secure connection. This mount is designed specifically to work with the Nest Cam Outdoor.
✔ BUILT TO LAST – The Quadpod Mount is made of high quality, weather-resistant silicone, with a perforated textured underside designed to offer a firmer and slip resistant grip, come rain or shine. The four arms can be twisted and bend in any direction, and you can be confident that your camera will always be pointing in the direction which you had positioned it.
✔ NO TOOLS OR WALL DAMAGE – Thanks to our innovative, flexible design you can now mount your Nest Cam Outdoor wherever you like. The versatile silicone arms offer the freedom to attach your camera wherever your heart desires, be it wrapped around garden fence, water pipe or tree branch. Best of all it can be done without the need for drilling holes or fiddle around with screws. It is now possible to mount your camera to places that were previously inaccessible.
✔ What’s included in the package: Silicone Skin for Nest Cam Outdoor, Quadpod Mount, Screw with D ring

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