Black Box LED Clock to Hide Your Nest Cam/Dropcam Turn Your Nest Cam/Dropcam Into a Spy Camera - For Nest Cam and Dropcam PRO

by Wasserstein

✔ TURN YOUR NEST CAM INTO A SPY CAM – Finally a way to hide your Nest Cam from prying eyes and turn it into the most advanced spy cam on the market. By utilizing a timeless and popular design nobody will suspect that this stylish LED clock conceals a Nest Cam and records everything
✔ FUNCTIONAL ENCLOSURE HIDE YOUR NEST CAM – Fully functional, decorative and inconspicuous LED Clock with 12 hour display in the shape of a Black Cube to hide your Nest Cam & Dropcam PRO (Nest Cam/Dropcam is not included). Simply connect your Nest Cam to your Wi-Fi, then insert the camera from the bottom. The bottom of the Black Box can be opened with the help of a suction cup (included in the package). The black box allows the camera to be sufficiently ventilated to avoid overheating.
✔ 100% DAY & NIGHT VISION – The enclosure allows for full day and night vision. The front side of the black box is made of a special material that allows the Nest Cam's IR light to pass through without reflecting it.
✔ What’s included in the package: Nest Cam Black Box, Manual, Suction Cup

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