Alarm Clock to Hide Your Nest Cam/Dropcam Turn Your Nest Cam/Dropcam Into a Spy Camera - For Nest Cam & Dropcam PRO

by Wasserstein

✔ TURN YOUR NEST CAM INTO A SPY CAM – Finally a way to hide your Nest Cam from prying eyes and turn it into the most advanced spy cam on the market.
✔ FUNCTIONAL ENCLOSURE TO HIDE YOUR NEST CAM – Fully functional, inconspicuous LCD Alarm clock to hide your Nest Cam & Dropcam PRO (Nest cam is not included). The Alarm clock has the following functions: time & date, alarm and temperature. Simply connect your Nest Cam to your home’s Wi-Fi. Then insert the Nest Cam and cable into the back of the alarm clock and you’re good to go. The back of the alarm clock allows the camera to be sufficiently ventilated.
✔ 100% DAY & NIGHT VISION – The enclosure allows for full day and night vision. The front of speaker is made of a special material that allows the Nest Cam's IR light to pass through without reflecting it.
✔ What’s included in the package: Nest Cam Alarm Clock, Manual, Batteries

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