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4 in 1 Wine Opener-Screwpull Corkscrew with Pour Spout, Bottle Stopper, Wine Foil Cutter by Wasserstein

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✔ SIMPLE TO USE: It's as easy as placing the wine opener on top of the bottle and turning with a slight squeeze. The screw slides the cork right out with little to no pulling needed. With our extra long screw worm, almost any size cork can be removed without pulling or prying which can lead to a broken cork.

✔ THE CONVENIENCE OF ALL IN ONE: We love wine as much as you do, and we also love wine accessories, but where do you keep all of them? All 4 of our accessories are stored within the wine opener itself eliminating a cluttered drawer of additional cutters, bottle stoppers, or wine pour spouts.

✔ WINE STOPPER THAT SEALS AIR TIGHT: A stopper can be fun, unique, beautiful, but it's not worth it if it doesn't seal air tight. Ours does! Bottle keeps an additional 1-3 days depending on wine.
✔ 2 PRECISION SHARP FOIL CUTTERS: Are placed within the opener to make foil cutting effortless. With the correct alignment and a couple of twists, you will have a clean cut along any foil for easy removal.

✔ WASSERSTEIN WARRANTY: You break it, we'll get it replaced, no questions, no charge, no kidding.

✔ The item is a best selling product on Amazon. It is also available

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