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120 db Water Alarm and Leak Detector with Sensor Probe and Sensor Cable

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✔ RELIABLE & FUNCTIONAL - With its ultra-loud 120db alarm, it keeps your home safe by alerting you to potential water leakage before it causes serious damage.

✔ DUAL INSTALLATION - Insert the wire pin end into the alarm or fix the alarm with flat metal end cable on a wall. Set the wire pin or flat metal contacts to touch areas you wish to monitor.

✔ THOUGHTFUL DESIGN - It is compact in size and can easily be installed on any desired location like washing machine, water heater or dishwasher.

✔ INSTANT RESPONSE – At the first sign of unwanted water from pooling, dripping, or high levels of moisture detected by metal probes, it will sound an alarm.

✔ PACKAGE – It includes Wasserstein Water Alarm and Leak Detector, Base Cover, Wire Sensor, 9V Battery, screws, anchors, and User Manual.