Square Handbag Light with Integrated External Battery Pack to Charge your Phone or Tablet, Touch Sensor Purse Light; Charge Devices On-the-Go and Light Up your Purse (2000 mAh)

by Wasserstein

✔ STOP SEARCHING AND START FINDING – Throughout her life the average woman spends 76 days looking for items in her handbag. Stop searching, start finding! The Wasserstein touch- handbag light will light up your handbag or purse!
✔ POWER ON THE GO – The Wasserstein Handbag Light also functions as an emergency external battery to charge all your phone or tablets before they run out of juice. Our 500mAh version can charge your iPhone up to 30% and our 2000mAh model can charge your iPhone fully.
✔ SAVE TIME AND HASSLE – Never again will you have to spend many minutes going through your handbag in the dark desperately trying to find your keys, cosmetics or other items that settle at the bottom of a cluttered purse.
✔ RE-CHARGE YOUR BAG LIGHT – Opposed to other handbag lights on the market our 2 in 1 handbag light and power bank is re-chargeable and does not require new batteries. The product comes with a micro USB charging cord that allows you to plug in the handbag light into your laptop or any wall charger.

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