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Webcam Lens Cover Slider for Google Nest Hub Max (3-Pack) - Made for Google Nest

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THOUGHTFUL DESIGN - The Wasserstein Lens Cover is specifically designed to not block the camera, RGB sensor and LED status light of the Google Nest Hub Max.

MOVABLE SLIDER MECHANISM - The 1.06 x 0.51 x 0.035 inch Webcam Cover conveniently slides open and close with just one simple finger movement.

DURABLE AND SUPER THIN - At 0.035 inches, the cover is super thin, ensuring laptops can be closed completely. Attach it through its strong adhesive sticker—strong, but removable without leaving traces.

EASY TO INSTALL - Simply clean the surface with a dry cloth, then remove the adhesive tape. Stick the cover around the camera lens and press firmly for 10 seconds for a strong but non-permanent seal.

MADE FOR GOOGLE - Designed and manufactured by Google’s leading product partners. Passed the rigorous Made for Google certification process to ensure 100% compatibility with Google Nest Devices.

Google's "made for" badge, Nest Hub Max, and related marks are trademarks of Google LLC.