Sous Vide Water Balls 250 Count with Drying Bag

by Wasserstein

✔ DO MORE WITH LESS – Wasserstein Sous Vide Balls allow you cook water for hours on end without ever having to re-fill. Due to the minimized surface exposure between the water and air, hardly any water evaporates during the cooking process. Never again will your sous vide cooker run out of water in the middle of the night. Additionally, the lower energy loss during cooking directly translates into a lower electricity bill.
✔ NO MORE LIDS – Opposed to when using a lid, the content of your water bath remains easily accessible all the time. Additionally, sous vide balls are compatible with receptacle of all shapes and sizes.
✔ BIG BEAUTIFUL BAG OF BALLS – Our package of Wasserstein Sous Vide Balls contains at least 250 balls – 100% BPA free! They come in a practical drawstring mesh bag that facilitates the drying process after use.
What’s included in the package: at least 250 Sous Vide Balls with a diameter of 0.79 inches (or 20mm), and a drawstring dry bag.

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