Versatile Twist Mount Compatible with Arlo HD Camera, Flexible Gooseneck-Like Mount - Attach Your Arlo HD Camera

by Wasserstein

✔ VERSATILE MOUNTING OPTION FOR ARLO HD– Hang or wrap your Arlo HD wherever you like with our new flexible twist mount. The product consists of a flexible rubber stick and a silicone cover for Arlo HD. The flexible rubber stick can easily be attached to railings, branches, doorknobs, fences (anywhere you like). You can now mount your Arlo HD at places that were previously inaccessible or required you to drill holes.

✔ NO TOOLS OR WALL DAMAGE – Thanks to our innovative, flexible design you can now mount your Arlo HD wherever you like. Our versatile silicone arm can be seamlessly attached anywhere your heart desires and all of this without laboriously drilling holes or troublesome screws.

✔ What’s included in the package – Wasserstein Twist Mount for Arlo HD, Wasserstein Warranty