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Arlo Batteries | Wasserstein

Arlo Batteries: Specs, Battery Life & Evolution

Arlo has grown to be America’s #1 internet-connected camera brand since its launch in 2014 as discussed in a previous article. As the brand grew, so did its problems with battery options. They have a rock star camera line, but could not get a working formula for the batteries. Let’s delve into those problems and pro user tips to get around them.
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Arlo Ultra Battery | Wasserstein

Arlo Ultra: Battery Life, Possible Charging Issues & Their Solutions 

Arlo Ultra raises the bar for all outdoor cameras.  However, with all these impressive features questions on battery life arise: Will they last long enough? Will Arlo Ultra wake up reliably? What charging options do customers have, if any? The good news is that we have answers to all these issues. 

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